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The problem

Creation of a platform for client to download and upload customer bank statements.

The Solution

Applications/Systems functionalities:
1. Automatic daily download of bank statement(s) after logging in to the bank's website
2. Saving the bank’s statement in a dedicated location (pdf and MT940 files)
3. Settlement of downloaded bank statements in a dedicated system/application
Applications/Systems Used in Project: Ms Outlook, Our Bank, Import WB, Symfonia FiK


1. Implementation of an attended robot performing the process
2. Defining the robot that performs the process of collecting statements for 3 banks: PeKaO, Santander, BNP BGŻ Paribas (separate login steps)
3. Standardization of methods for logging in to the bank's websites: Use of NIK and passwords (including masked password). After an individual risk assessment, the authentication function with the use of an SMS code is disabled, in cases where such an option is available. If it is not possible to disable the login confirmation step with an SMS code, the process is started by the Guardian after logging into the bank's website and / or entering the SMS code at the robot's request.
4. Defining the schedule for starting the robot implementing the process
5. Logging in to the bank's website using the credentials defined in Windows Credential Manager in order to maintain the confidentiality of login data (There is a possibility of using other solutions of the Client managing the credentials, e.g. CyberArk)
6. Defining the configuration file which specifies, which included:
- name of the company for which the statement is to be downloaded,
- bank name and website,
- name of credentials for logging in, 0/1 tag informing whether a given record / row is to be processed by the robot,
- date of the last logging in, robot status / comment.
A file constructed in this way allows you to fully control the process from the level of the Robot Supervisor: change the names of credentials, exclude a given record from automatic processing, verify, based on the status, whether the download of the statement was performed without errors, etc.
7. Defining the frequency of the process execution for a given item in the configuration file (e.g. daily / weekly / monthly.
8. Importing the downloaded statement to the accounting system and its appropriate reading and settlement (the process is carried out using the Import WB application). The import process is carried out based on business rules defined by the customer:
- indicates the appropriate file to be imported
- when searching for a contractor (by bank account number) and finding an invoice for settlement, settles the item and proceeds to the next transaction
- in the case of finding several invoices for a given contractor for settlement, the robot verifies the appropriate item by the amount
- if the contractor is not found by the bank account number, the robot searches for an appropriate item by the contractor's name
- generating a report from an imported bank statement
- verifying whether a document with a bank statement appears in the accounting program (Sage Symfonia).
9. Generating a robot work report in which each processed transaction is defined and a bank statement with an indication of the implementation time and status (correct/error + comment)
10. When certain business rules prevent the processing and execution of a given transaction, the robot takes a screenshot of a given case , which is subjected to a business analysis and a decision whether it is possible to define a rule that handles a given case so that the level of executed transactions is as high as possible.


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