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Build confidence in uncertain times

How to work, communicate and conclude distance contracts

The pandemic has reorganized the structures of many companies. It caused that organizations, which until recently could not imagine that there would be a shortage of stationary employees in the office, had to switch to a remote work model. These changes have also transformed many business processes .



The lack of meetings , contract negotiations and the possibility of physically transferring documentation and signing has become an irrefutable argument to implement changes and adapt to the new, electronic reality . Many companies followed the blow and they cannot imagine functioning without an electronic signature or digital workflow.

The first lockdown introduced in April 2020 can be compared to an explosion of an atomic bomb. Surprise, chaos and disorganization . Nobody planned what the future would look like then. Closing of the economy and changing existing habits would take several days to be a transition period , in which we will know the scale of the threat. From today’s perspective, we know that we were not prepared for such a scenario.

During a 2015 lecture, Bill Gates warned that humanity is not ready for a virus pandemic, and that it will be something inevitable in the near future.

If something kills 10 million people in the next decades, it will most likely be a highly contagious virus, not war. Not bullets, but microbes – he said during the speech.

At that time, it was possible to wonder how many processes occur through physical contact between people. Shake hands, meeting, handing over documentation. When we suddenly had to give it up, we broke this chain . To change the system of work devised by Robert Owen , remembering the 19th century and the industrial revolution, was extremely difficult. Only the Covid 19 pandemic contributed to a sudden change in our behavior .

What’s next?

According to a study commissioned by the at the beginning of 2020 , just before the outbreak of a pandemic , about 10% of office workers admitted that they have the ability to perform their duties completely remotely . About 30% of respondents have the opportunity to use the home office occasionally . Covid changed these statistics dramatically. A year ago, as many as 75% of office workers switched to remote work. 40% work completely remotely and more than 30% in a mixed system.

Many seem to indicate, that this latter work model will stay with us after pandemic. Companies declare the introduction of the hybrid work model, which is two days from home, 3 days in the office, or vice versa. The example comes from large, international organizations . Salesforce announced that work day with hours 9.00-17.00 is gone. The employee will have more freedom in organizing his duties and the calendar of meetings . Thus, the company joined the group of brands such as Facebook and Microsoft, which in response to the coronavirus pandemic announced permanent rules for working from home.

Remote work has both advantages and disadvantages.

– During interviews with candidates, you can also notice that they miss contact with colleagues, shared tea in the kitchen, or go out to lunch – notes Aleksandra Filipek , SSC / BPO assistant at Relyon Recruitment.

Linkedin also noticed this bright side of work from home in his summary of the year. One of the greatest benefits is the lack of discrimination against people with disabilities and the lack of territorial restrictions for potential new employees, in many industries where the number of qualified specialists is a small, very significant advantage . Recently published research by Deloitte shows that as many as 62% of employees in Europe and 57% in Poland expect opportunities to work remotely more often after the pandemic ends . It will be one of the basic benefits and tender cards of companies. Due to the fact that rem. The platform is fully secure, the signature is legally binding, and the transfer of documentation is extremely efficient.

Platforms such as DocuSign give us a chance to remote signing contracts for new employees or sign the do not have a private fresh document that without leaving home. Using the platform, we can submit an application for leave or a delegation . A properly set up documentation processing scheme will guide our application and collect all the required signatures . Upon completion of all stages, we will receive a complete letter, signed by all parties. Using Dokusign, we can send our work time statement with a request for approval. After approval, the document can go directly to the accounting. It is also possible to send documentation directly from various departments of the company to the employee. Such a solution not only significantly shortens the circulation of documents, but also unifies the form of correspondence. Documents such as the annual PIT or RMUA statement can also be transferred using the DocuSign platform . We can secure such a process, for example, by identifying people authorized to read by entering an SMS code or by scanning identity documents . The need to send mass correspondence to all employees with confirmation of reading the information is also possible by DocuSign . The system will store for us information such as : date of sending the document, date of opening the document and its approval.

– As we can see, platforms such as DocuSign are not limited only to the functionality of signing documents in an electronic version with the use of electronic signatures. They also allow you to generate alerts , for example. To business partners, obtaining confirmations for processes , which require reading and approval by the employees or k lientów . In addition, they protect our processes with the ability to authorization and identification of persons , participating in the process and are at the same time our data repository , to which we can come back in situations , when we want to look for interesting us information such as the date of signing of a document, download the final version of the signed letter , verified that the history of the course of the process or method of authentication / identification , which were followed in the process of e – concludes Adam Fronc, DocuSign Pre -Sales Solutions Engineer.

It’s worth being safe than sorry

We have already mentioned solutions based on the outsourcing of specialists many times in other articles . This time we will not analyze financial issues and generate savings using this solution. We will focus on securing human resources. Outsourcing of teams or processes guarantees a positive completion of the project, regardless of unfavorable circumstances. A sudden closure of an office or an employee’s random indisposition will not have a major impact on the entire process.

– As RITS , we can provide a team under the designated competences and roles to work directly in the client’s office, provide a team from our office from Poland and Vietnam, or specialists working remotely for the client. The latter option is certainly the most economical – says Dawid Sztyk Business Unit Director RITS.

By having solutions that can be efficiently used in urgent circumstances, streamlining processes or eliminating risk factors, we largely secure the continuity of our projects. By using the electronic flow of documentation and electronic signature, we eliminate elements that may delay or prevent the completion of the process. It is worth preparing for the new reality and introducing solutions now.

Warsaw, April, 16, 2021, RITS Press Office


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