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Free live webinar and q&a whit rits as content partner

In the new year, we are starting a new project. After the webinar on hiring IT specialists, together with TRIO CONFERENCES, we prepared another free expert meeting, this time devoted to hiring IT specialists from Poland to companies from other countries‼️

The event is aimed at people who:
  • Have a problem with finding IT specialists with experience and very good qualifications in your country?
  • Want to reduce the costs of employing IT specialists in your company?
  • Are you looking for a place to build an IT center in a cost-effective location in the world?
Practitioners who will share their experience in hiring IT specialists from Poland

Paweł Olejniczak

For 10 years he has specialized in hiring IT specialists

Claire Trinh

She helps companies find the right developers and teams for their businesses

We will publish the name of the next speaker soon…

Why IT specialist from Poland?

 Poland is at the top of the world rankings in terms of the qualifications of IT specialists with significantly lower labor costs (HackerRank, A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index)

Poland is a stable and dynamically developing economy – despite the pandemic, it records a slight decrease in GDP in relation to other European countries

Poland has an IT infrastructure and data security at a very high level

Poland shares slight cultural differences with Western countries

Very good universities educate highly qualified IT specialists

No language barrier – English language from kindergarten

What will we talk about during the online meeting?

I. Where do the high qualifications of IT specialists from Poland come from:

  • About how IT specialists are educated
  • What they specialize in
  • Where they gain experience
  • What kind of employees they are
  • What motivates them at work
  • What their professional expectations are
  • For practical tips on cooperation with Poles

II. How to find good IT specialists from Poland:

  • Recruitment models that are common in Poland
  • Good practices of companies that recruited specialists from Poland
  • About what to encourage Polish specialists to cooperate
  • What companies are Poles looking for
  • Choosing a Polish partner who will provide IT specialists on request

III. Seamless cooperation with IT specialists from Poland – how to ensure it:

  • How to minimize formalities in cooperation with specialists from Poland
  • Outsourcing, team leasing, manager services – forms of cooperation with companies hiring IT specialists in Poland
  • Agreement with a Polish outsourcer – key legal issues for a contractor from outside Poland

IV. Main concerns about hiring specialists from Poland

  • But where is Poland … – everything you don’t know about Poland as an attractive destination
  • Qualifications of Polish specialists – how to verify them?
  • Cultural and linguistic differences – do they really exist?
  • No influence on the processes carried out by Poles – how to prevent it?
  • Quality of the outsourcer – is it a professional supplier? How to check it?

We invite you to participate

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