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The problem

Migration of the old version of the NFZ application that manages the patient's file s to a new and more efficient architecture .

The Solution

Implementation of Java 8 based Back-End and MySQL database Front-End and business logic associated with it transferred from Action Script 3.0 to Angular 7 with backward compatibility.

The Team​

Three Full Stack programmers with knowledge about good practice s related to the legacy code refactor process High level of seniority.


A small but motivated team under the direct supervision of the Client. Cooperating with three architects possessing all domain knowledge. Critical aspect of cooperation was the timely delivery of tasks.

All case studies

Adding fuction of reading bank statements from client’s email and booking platform/system using RPA (robotic process automation) - UiPath

Creation of a modern application for downloading and sending bank statements using RPA (robotic process automation) - UiPAth

Creation of a modern mobile application enabling obtaining new quality on the market. Repayment of technical debt related to currently used solutions.

Optimization of the management of the scope of work related to the extraction and transport of natural gases. Building a mobile and system application .

Migration of the old
version of the NFZ
application that manages
the patient's files to a
new and more efficient architecture

Analysis and processing of images containing
information about
the status of individual structural elements of the building.

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