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Prepare your business for the second wave of the epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic turned out to be a litmus test that reflected the technological advancement of companies around the world. Some businesses have dealt with the lockdown very well, gaining even more momentum while others are struggling to survive and in the best case, will simply write off 2020.

Łukasz Kośnik, CEO of RITS Group, has no doubt that the secret lies in a modern approach to technological solutions that are available on the IT market and it ensures that capital for investments is within the reach of companies even during a recession.

According to various studies carried out by research units around the world, 30% to as much as 80% of companies admit reduced turnover due to the pandemic. The drops are mainly due to interrupted supply chains and operational downtime, which are the aftermath of far-gone systems, not adapted to work during a lockdown.

From today’s perspective, I can say that we prepared ourselves for the crisis a few years ago, deciding at RITS to implement such innovative technological solutions, thanks to which, we can operate from anywhere in the world. As a result, lockdown did not stop us at all, on the contrary. In months when companies around the world saw their turnover plummeting, we continued to steadily advance. We were able to operate normally, while others were just organizing themselves in the new reality of remote work – says Łukasz Kośnik.

High-tech is the core of RITS activities. The company not only specializes in the implementation of advanced technologies at its clients, but also acts in this spirit.

Demand for this type of services is not decreasing. Contrary to the opinions on the market, high-tech implementations do not have to be associated with implementations for many millions. We can implement them in the form of short, cheap and quick implementations for all budgets that actually solve problems in the company. We do not need an army of IT specialists who are most often the main brake on investments, because we do not actually these individuals work easier: but in HR, accounting, logistics and sales departments, it is these departments, that most often need automation – President of RITS.


Experts agree – automation is the area of the company’s activity that determine a competitive advantage in business today. Large concerns have been automating processes for years, thanks to which they are becoming more and more agile organizations. Even so, many companies are delaying automation for fear of a long payback period.

Companies can decide on large projects that comprehensively automate many areas, although benefits come late and there is a lot of risk that they will not be what they expected. The alternative is automation in small steps, faster and cheaper – within a week or a month, not years. First, we implement one area, one independent island on a separate system and only when the pilot is successful, we think about integration – Not the other way around. Today, on-demand systems have the future, which customers can use whenever they want and to the extent they need – says Łukasz Kośnik.

Often companies want to automate, but capital for investment, is a blockage – especially while during a recession, as in present day. Meanwhile, their potential capital is frozen in the millions from costs of servicing systems from large vendors.

Many companies that pay millions of euros every year to vendors such as SAP or Oracle for the maintenance of their systems believe that they are doomed to such costs. And that is simply, not true. RITS is able to optimize service costs by offering an alternative system service (including a full 3rd line of support), and the savings that it will generate for the company will translate into capital for investment in process automation: digital transformation, digitization …. We are an agile supplier who understands the IT industry. We are aware that there are IT systems that are still needed, and we need to maintain them at the client’s location, but we will optimize their service so that they can carry out business transformation. Modern managers who really want to change something in the organization today have a lot of tools that they can use – declares the president of RITS.


Warsaw, September 4, 2020, RITS Press Office


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