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On September 12, 2020, developers have their own holiday

On Saturday, September 12, 2020, developers have their own special holiday, Programmer’s Day! In Russia, it has been an official holiday since 2009. On this occasion, we decided to show you the programmers we work with… There are exactly 316 of them, they work in 5 different units (in Poland and in Vietnam) and program for our clients as well as part of our Software House. In total, they use 11 different programming languages, which are all that matter in 2020!

The day Programmer’s Day falls on is not accidental and always lands on the 256th day of the year, which is symbolizes all possible byte values in 8-bit form! This year is a day earlier due to it being a leap year. This day is celebrated by programmers, not IT specialists (who have their holiday on June 8), although colloquially these two names are sometimes confused! To become a programmer, you do not have to complete your studies in computer science. Although employers expect higher education, it does not have to be specialized. So, we have RITS graduates of not only Computer Science but also Automation, Robotics and Mathematics who carry out projects for our clients in the banking, architecture, technology, finance, transport industries, to name a few. So how do we verify their qualifications? Before starting cooperation, we thoroughly check the competences of candidates in a test conducted with the use of precise online tools, created by renowned research units. They show whether a programmer candidate can work for RITS and will work in a specific contract. There is no coincidence here. We work with the best…

According to the “IT Community Research 2020” conducted in conjunction of the Ministry of Development as well as The Polish Information Technology Society, the vast majority of programmers work in the profession because they simply like what they do. Such an answer was declared by nearly 70% of the surveyed IT specialists. Another 6% of people do not know what else could do, and for every fourth programmer it is a way of earning money and stable employment. The average work experience of a programmer in the profession is 5 years. Half of the respondents have been working in the profession for no longer than 3 years, while an internship of more than 10 years was declared by every 8th programmer.

In RITS, a dedicated Professional Services department (commonly known as PS) takes care of the satisfaction of the work of programmers and other IT specialists, which has a singular goal – to listen to the needs of employees on an ongoing basis. PS ensures the implemented projects are conducive to competences and characteristics of programmers who are assigned to them and navigate all formal issues, creating conditions for trouble-free cooperation. For example, it organizes formalities related to the use of benefits that the company offers to programmers.

– A good employee is not only a person who feels good in the workplace but has all the competences to use his potential to the fullest – states Aneta Soboń, consultant in the Professional Services RITS department. – We organize various types of training that enable programmers to develop, e.g. as a teacher or verifier of technical skills during the recruitment process of our future specialists. Obviously, raising qualifications is associated with a chance for additional remuneration.

Work from anywhere in the world

It is estimated that around 250,000 programmers currently work in Poland, which means that every fourth programmer from Central and Eastern Europe is from Poland. Although most of them, of course, live in large agglomerations, the specificity of work, and more specifically the possibility of remote work, means that they are scattered all over Poland.

Another activity of the PS department is also important – providing valuable feedback from the client with whom the project is implemented. Thanks to it, each programmer knows on an ongoing basis how his work is assessed and has a chance to have a real impact on the quality of the contract.


Warsaw, September 12, 2020, RITS Press Office


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