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RITS once again shares its experiences during the online practitioners meeting

Watch the video of the meeting of practitioners  – Adam Fronc and Kacper Buszta from RITS, Marcin Motel and Arkadiusz Soika from UiPath.

From the recording you will learn how to implement robots step by step so as not to make the most common mistakes of managers. How a robot is created – a robot will be created in front of your eyes, which will perform specific tasks. How to create a specific list of processes in your company that are best handed over to robots.

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    “Outsourcing of IT employees”

    Employee outsourcing has been used around the world for many years. You can also hear about it more and more often in Poland. Why is it especially popular in the...

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    Regatta for the RITS Cup

    t the turn of August and September, the Regatta for the RITS Cup took place in Ogonki in Masuria. There was an opportunity to sail, kayak, laugh at the stand-up,...

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    Windows to Liberia

    Liberia - a small country in the western part of Africa with a population of just over 4.5 million. It differs from European countries in many respects, including there are...

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