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We are entering on a higher level

The Specialist Portal at is launched

In the new year, communication with IT specialists who cooperate with RITS has entered a new level! In January, the Specialist Portal was launched, which is used for ongoing communication, publication of all necessary documents so far sent by e-mail, and above all for online replenishment of working time. This is a new quality in contact with IT specialists.

– So far, each of the consultants has individually contacted a given specialist, providing him with the necessary information, i.e. the method of settlement, invoicing rules or benefits that we offer to colleagues under RITS and in which he was potentially interested – reminds Karolina Kowalska, consultant in the Professional Services department, who initiated the creation of the portal.

Work on the portal lasted almost two months, although the idea itself had sprouted much earlier.

– Due to the fact that there is a lot of information that we provide to specialists at the beginning of cooperation, and each specialist and client has an individual system and rules of work, the idea appeared to systematize all this information and collect it on the portal – says Anna Romaniuk, leader PS department. – We wanted everyone to have access to information exactly when they need it and that they would not have to look for it in an e-mail box among many other messages.

Now every specialist can log into the portal at any time convenient for him and gain access to information.

– Specialists can read the messages of their consultant directly concerning them, e.g. the arrangements for cooperation with the client for whom they are implementing the project. Simply, all information is in one place – says Aneta Soboń, consultant in the PS department. – Specialists see new information and posts on their profile, thanks to which they are up to date with everything.

– We are going to a higher level – admits Michał Jaremek, head of the Professional Services department. – We are ahead of the competition in this field, wanting to provide IT specialists with even more comfortable cooperation with us.

Basia Godowska from the administration department draws attention to one more important aspect.

– Transparent, legible form for reporting working hours, information about new, changing regulations regarding e.g. invoicing – all this will be updated on an ongoing basis and published on the portal instead of communicating by e-mail. This is a great help for both us and specialists.


How to log into the Specialist Portal –

By the end of January, each specialist will receive from their supervisor their individual login and password, which will be used to log into the portal. There is a video instruction waiting for him, which will allow him to easily find himself on the portal. We wish you trouble-free use of the portal!

Warsaw, January, 27, 2021, RITS Press Office


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