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語言, language, sprache, язык, idiom is the word “language” in only a few languages, and around 6,000–7,000 are spoken around the world. Most of them are in a literal form and are treated as unique, endangered good of a given region. Why? Because experts agree that by 2100, more than half of today’s languages will die out. There are several new ones to replace it each month. The balance is leveling out, but will we be able to communicate with them? People don’t, but they will certainly facilitate communication in the world of technology. It is about programming languages. It is especially worth looking at this problem of the exchange of language types today, because September 26 is the European Day of Languages.

Proto-Human is the name of the first official language of mankind. We know from many adaptations that it probably did not sound beautiful, but it had one main advantage – all the inhabitants of the world used only it. Today the situation has changed a bit. The world will be divided into regions, each of them has its own language family. It often includes several different languages. We also have dialects and dialects. It certainly won’t make us understood in the other part of the world. That is why the official languages of the United Nations were created, i.e. English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian. It is estimated that Chinese is spoken by 1,213 million people, and English by less than 1,200 million. However, it was the latter that became the official business language. However, there are industries where a different language dominates. I’m talking about a programming language.

As in natural language, it has a specific structure. Only correctly formed expressions give us certainty that the computer will understand them. Such a language allows for precise recording of algorithms and tasks to be performed by the computer, and their sequence. Many languages were designed right from the start. Currently, there is a practice of developing existing solutions on the basis of already developed elements. This allows the programmer to find universal elements of a given language and quickly absorb it. The need for many different solutions has contributed to the creation of several hundred more and less known code families, therefore it is not possible to create a language that would fit all tasks.

What are the most common languages?

The most popular languages are C, JAVA, and Python. Over 35% of all applications in the world are based on these models. Headhunters are most often looking for programmers of these specializations. These are universal languages, so many corporations use them to build their systems. This, in turn, means that these languages will continue to be popular for many years to come, because they will be used for the development of systems of many organizations, says Katarzyna Krąkowska Sales & Delivery Manager RITS.

Language is not equal to language

A programmer asked about the easiest and most difficult programming language in his opinion, probably would not answer this question without hesitation. It depends on many factors, including IT and mathematical preparation and how quickly he gains new skills. You cannot rank the language difficulty, but you can make a comparison of how quickly you adapt to the new code.


Currently, the IT market is in deficit in the number of high-class specialists. Experts predict that in 10-15 years it will be possible to say that all the needs of the industry are satisfied and finding the right person for the project is not a problem. Even though every year several thousand people graduate from IT studies, some specializations are in great demand.

Despite the fact that the world of technology is still moving forward and new products appear all the time, very old technologies have their advantages. We can cite here the example of specialists who “write” in COBOL. This language is now almost forgotten and little used by younger programmers. Virtually no Programmer indicates it as a language they would like to learn. However, COBOL has written, for example, core banking systems, which means that every now and then companies are still looking for COBOL specialists who are already niche. And the rates can be gigantic compared to Java or C # – recalls Katarzyna Krąkowska.

Some companies specializing in IT services have a Software House in their structures to be able to start the implementation of projects, skipping the process of finding a team. The development team can undertake the project implementation from the concept phase, ending with the analysis of the finished application. RITS has a separate unit dealing with software development. It includes specialists programming, among others in the following languages: Java 8, JAVA 11, PHP 7, but also in niche languages ​​to best match your offer for customers.

There are also other models of cooperation, including IT outsourcing, Body Leasing or Team Leasing. The first is to provide experienced and verified experts for the role of specialists. The client does not have to define the scope, schedule or shape of the project and has full control over the software development process and project management. Team Leasing is based on providing a project team and taking responsibility for the efficiency, continuity and stability of its work.

No matter what language is the easiest to use for you, RITS wishes you all the best.

Warsaw, September 26, 2020, RITS Press Office


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