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Meet Dawid Sztyk, Business Unit Director at RITS

He has been with us almost from the very beginning. He does not like workflow, he works outside the box. He sees no difficulties, but challenges and new opportunities for development. This approach to work has resulted in him being appreciated and awarded many times. Currently, as a Business Unit Director, he manages one of the project teams at RITS, which continuously records above-average achievements. How can this be achieved? Does he have patterns of action that allow him to improve his results every day? Meet Dawid Sztyk, one of the key people at RITS.

To say who you are now, you have to compare yourself with yourself from a few years ago. Let’s go back to 2015 when RITS has just established its branch in Warsaw. At that time, Dawid joined the modest team of six, taking the position of Delivery Consultant. As he admits, he wanted to be in the RITS structures, but not from the beginning: “at first, I rejected the job offer at RITS, but later I agreed and it was a very good decision.”

His career path shows almost the entire structure of the organization. Starting with Delivery Consultant and ending with Unit Director. Dawid Sztyk was very quickly noticed and appreciated in RITS. After a year, he changed his position to Senior Delivery Consultant, simultaneously taking the position of Business Development Manager. His duties included not only recruitment, but also active acquisition of new clients.

– At the beginning I looked after 2-3 clients. Now there are a dozen of them – adds Dawid, who has been managing a seven – person team since 2019 as a Business Unit Director

How do I get a promotion?

Probably everyone would like to know the answer to this question. You can ask theoreticians, mentors, coaches, but you can also get a ready recipe on how to achieve this from a person who climbed to the top in the company’s structure.

A strictly defined goal and motivation to achieve the best results – this is the recipe for success, admits Dawid.

Awards and achievements are not without significance. Working out the highest percentage of target implementation and awarding the “Top Placer” undoubtedly contributed to today’s success. 

– Quality, commitment and reliability of work. Unconventional approach to many tasks and hard work … but this is a factor that naturally has to be added to it. These features will translate into the development of our career and will make us noticed and appreciated for sure, adds Dawid.

I wanted to be at what I do best

According to the National Work Satisfaction Survey, almost 50% perceive it as a duty and routine. He does not see development opportunities. Over 30% of employees stated in the survey that their commitment to work is decreasing day by day, and the employer does not adequately motivate his team. With such an attitude, we can only dream about career advancement. Therefore, it is worth observing the system of work and self-motivation in people who can boast outstanding achievements in their specialty. Only opening up to success and work that is not strictly imposed from above will allow you to develop and enjoy it, says Dawid

A simple recipe, and the knowledge of how to achieve it is available to everyone. Nevertheless, employees who are able to enjoy their work are rare.

Industry challenges

Experts agree that the IT industry will deal with the shortage of specialists in about 10-15 years. Therefore, for many years to come, we will have to use methods that will effectively recruit people to work. Is the conventional approach to exploration effective? It is rather a rhetorical question. The answer is known in advance because, as Dawid Sztyk points out, it is important to be creative and understand the market, and the market is very fast. However, this is not the only challenge that must be faced. Another difficulty is considerable competition, so the quality of services provided, which translates into customer satisfaction, is of key importance. It is a huge challenge, which at the same time motivates to even more hard work. According to Dawid, when one customer has several suppliers, details matter. It is this competition that, on the one hand, makes taking care of the highest level of provided services a test of our strength, but on the other hand, it makes the team even more motivated to act. Coworkers have a very positive opinion of David. Paweł Olejniczak, the vice president of RITS said” “Dawid is developing a lot as a manager, I am very impressed with how efficiently he implements new people and coordinates the work of the team. He impressed me very much with his calmness and composure when Covid appeared”.

Is it worth training employees?

One of the key values that you can still develop and expand  is the horizons of perceiving the world. This is truth as old as the time, but very relevant nowadays. Dawid Sztyk can boast about a dozen business trainings, both on sales, negotiation and managerial issues. In his opinion, such constant self-improvement allows you to understand the business even more. You can see the current trends on the market and better match your offer to individual potential customers. It took many years of work to build such an expressive, coherent personal brand. Although, as he himself admits, he is not in favor of a marketing approach to building his image. It is organic activities that should create us and show others what we want to present ourselves.

Continuous development is the keyword and term that best describes David. He himself admits that there are not many role models to follow, and role models need to be changed after we adopt their way of understanding the world and the best qualities they can offer us.

Cezary Głuch, known as Trader21, is his current inspiration. The approach to investment and business as well as unconventional visions of the development of this Polish entrepreneur mean that unconventional methods of operation are becoming more and more common in business.

Plans for the future

Long-term goals? Dawid – “there are no such.” Only goals that are measurable, realistic and in the shortest possible perspective can motivate to do something more. According to David, young people make a mistake by not focusing on their current job, responsibilities, and challenges. They look into the distant future, while losing the ability to act here and now. Short-term goals bring us closer to the long-term ones. They create our perspectives, but ourselves, through constant changes for the better and learning, we create what we will find in a dozen or so years.

I approach the world as a multi-hobbyist

Dawid describes himself as a person with “temporary snares”. This helps him to relax and refresh his mind. What can bring him pleasure at this point becomes his hobby. Thanks to his activities, he can meet interesting people and potential colleagues.

Warsaw, September 25, 2020, RITS Press Office


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