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👉 How to create a specific list of processes in your company that are best handed over to robots

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    Do these issues affect your business?
    • in your company there are tedious, time-consuming and repetitive tasks that consume a lot of employees’ time
    • you have a problem with processes generating a lot of errors that are difficult to eliminate due to human error
    • you want to find out which processes are ideal for automation in your company, which will speed up their implementation and relieve employees
    Eliminate these problems with the help of robots!

    do not make mistakes

    As far as they have been well

    Robots are the source of huge savings

    This is the extra available time of work of your employees.

    Automation relieves people of routine

    Allows you to focus
    on strategic tasks.

    What technology do we use?

    UiPath is an experienced partner that has implementations all over the world.
    That is why we robotize processes basing on the UiPath robot automation platform a global software company.

    Get people. Get robots!

    See examples of using the robots

    Global retail company

    Business need: Checking and reporting on stock levels

    Key benefits
    ● automation of the inventory verification process (only rare edge cases still processed manually)
    ● processing time shortened
    ● quality improved

    Auditing and consulting company

    Business need:
    ● Verification of the payer's status in the KRD system
    ● Verification of the payer's history in the MS Dynamics CRM system
    ● E-mail support for the business processes related to the payer's verificationChecking and reporting on stock levels

    Key benefits
    ● full automation of the processing obtained
    ● documents processing time significantly shortened
    ● quality improved (human errors during data generation eliminated)
    ● real-time processing of status verification
    ● processing time shortened
    ● quality improved

    Internal RITS recruitment and IT services departments

    Business need: Anonymization of candidates data

    Key benefits
    ● fully automated data anonymization process for all of system entries
    ● processing time significantly shortened
    ● quality improved

    THREE IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT robotic process automation!

    Business process automation is super scalable

    Business process robots are fast to implement at minimum cost

    The robots can be easily and quickly modified to adapt to changes in the business

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