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Windows to Liberia

Liberia – a small country in the western part of Africa with a population of just over 4.5 million. It differs from European countries in many respects, including there are only two seasons: dry and rainy. Our employee, Radosław Szczęsny, will set off on a mission in July to help on the spot and teach computer science at the same time. It will also purchase the necessary equipment.

Build confidence in uncertain times

The pandemic has reorganized the structures of many companies. It caused that organizations, which until recently could not imagine that there would be a shortage of stationary employees in the office, had to switch to a remote work model. These changes have also transformed many business processes . The lack of meetings , contract negotiations and the possibility of physically transferring documentation and signing has become an irrefutable argument to implement changes and adapt to the new, electronic reality . Many companies followed the blow and they cannot imagine functioning without an electronic signature or digital workflow.

The first Exper Day is behind us!

Our IT specialists could use Tuesday afternoon for a solution with reverse technology in cryptocurrencies. The guest of the meeting was Piotr Misiurek, programmer, author of a blog about crypto and crypto millionaire. The conversation raised questions not only about the development and new records of Bitcoin value, but also answers to quantum questions or encryption of algorithms during transactions.

RITS Graduate Program

The next edition of the graduate program is just starting in our company, to which we invite students of their last years of studies, they know languages such as English, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, French and Italian and want to start their professional career while still studying.

We are entering on a higher level

In the new year, communication with IT specialists who cooperate with RITS has entered a new level! In January, the Specialist Portal was launched, which is used for ongoing communication, publication of all necessary documents so far sent by e-mail, and above all for online replenishment of working time. This is a new quality in contact with IT specialists.

Awaiting corrections

Are you struggling with the problem of third-line technical support of the ERP system that is on board your company? The costs are horrendous, the waiting time for a response is very long, and the fixes do not meet expectations … Although it may seem that only an ERP supplier can provide a third line of technical support, this is not true. The market abhors a vacuum, which is why an alternative has appeared on the market in this case. Fast, professional service, cheaper by at least 50%, which comes from the USA, is now available to companies also operating in Poland.