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As a global company with a strong presence in the USA, Vietnam, and Poland, we provide seamless, top-notch services. Backed by stellar references, we bring diverse market experience, collaborate with international organizations, optimize recruitment processes, and swiftly create effective project teams for unparalleled success.

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We empower companies to conquer IT project challenges by providing specialized experts, crafting bespoke IT systems, and offering comprehensive maintenance services. Elevate your technology journey with us.

We seamlessly implement our clients' visions

We turn clients' visions into reality with seamless execution, blending strategy and technical skills for flawless outcomes. Trust us to exceed expectations, transforming ideas into excellently executed solutions.

We provide qualified IT specialists

We offer access to top IT specialists tailored to your projects. Our vetting process ensures a perfect fit for your needs, enhancing project execution and results. Count on us for the expertise needed for success.

We optimize costs for efficiency

We focus on optimizing costs to enhance efficiency, ensuring that every investment yields maximum value. Our strategic approach to resource allocation maximizes productivity while minimizing unnecessary expenses.

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Join the ranks of over 100 global partners who have discovered the value in collaborating with RITS. Take a closer look at our company and experience the unique difference we bring to the table. Our partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual trust, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Where are our clients?

Since the RITS’ founding, we have reached beyond the borders of our country. Today we are on 3 continents and we are constantly setting new goals. Foreign expansion is our priority!


Top-class IT specialists

Our team is composed of top-class IT specialists, renowned for their exceptional skills, profound knowledge, and innovative thinking in the realm of information technology. These experts are at the forefront of technological advancements, continuously enhancing their expertise through ongoing education and hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

90% of our specialists come from Europe

Our team is distinguished by its strong European influence, with 90% of our specialists hailing from various European countries. This diversity enriches our organization with a broad spectrum of perspectives, expertise, and cultural insights, driving innovation and excellence in our work. The presence of European talent not only reflects our global outreach but also enhances our ability to address complex challenges with a multifaceted approach.

Data security at the highest level

Our commitment to data security is unwavering, as we maintain the highest level of protection for our clients' sensitive information. Through state-of-the-art encryption, robust access controls, and continuous monitoring, we ensure that data integrity and confidentiality are never compromised. Our strict security measures demonstrate our commitment to protecting data and building trust through responsible information handling.

Delivery Centers in 3 time zones

Our operations are strategically spread across Delivery Centers located in three distinct time zones, enabling us to offer seamless service and support around the clock. This geographical distribution not only enhances our global reach but also ensures that we can respond promptly to the needs of our clients, regardless of their location.

Our Success

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Explore Us in a Few Steps

From a dynamic startup to a global corporate partner – witness our remarkable growth story.

Experience Our Global Expansion


We are thrilled to announce our sustained global expansion! RITS US Corp. is now officially registered, marking a new chapter in our international journey. This strategic move is a testament to our commitment to broadening our horizons and establishing a significant presence in one of the world’s largest and most dynamic markets. By setting foot in the United States, we aim to bring our innovative solutions closer to a new clientele and foster collaborative relationships with key industry players.

Our Core Values


We verify the effectiveness of actions at every step. We never leave the client with a problem.


We apply consistent principles of operation that every brand needs.​


We only work with IT specialists who take responsibility for the security and quality of projects.


We coordinate the project from the initial idea to the summary of the results achieved.

RITS and Social Impact

Environmental Area

Energy Consumption Minimization, Waste Management, Environmentally Friendly Technologies, Digitization and Process Optimization, and Supprt for Environmental Organizations.

Social Area

Decent Treatment of Employees and Associates, Occupational Health and Safety, Support fo Human Rights and Labor Standards, and Support for Local Communities.

Children and Young Talent Assistance Area

Scholarships and Development Programs, Workshops and Mentoring, Support of Charitable Initiatives.

Business Area

Sustainability Awareness, Ethical Business Practices, Transparency, Financial and Business Integrity, Communication with Stakeholders, Performence Measurment and Reporting, Evaluation and Strategy Aligment.

Our goal is to create a positive impact on the environment, community, and develop responsible business practices. We want to be a leader in sustainable development, promoting equality, environmental protection and long-term development.

Fostering a Culture of Equality

RITS strong commitment to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment is evidenced by The Diversity Equity Inclusion Workplace™ certification from Diversity for Social Impact™. After a thorough certification process, RITS was recognized for its diversity and inclusion across a wide range of diversity and inclusion dimensions. As one of the organizations forming the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), RITS has also signed the Diversity & Inclusion Declaration, a joint commitment to be guided – in all activities – by the principle of equal treatment in the workplace.

Our management

Adam Maciej Cudny

Member of the Supervisory Board of RITS Professional Services and RITS Software House, Director of RITS US Corp.

Adam, a serial entrepreneur and founder of multiple startups, is deeply involved in supervisory boards and angel investor networks. As CEO of a Life Sciences-focused fund management company since 2014, and co-founder of LSI and Scanderia investment funds, he has reviewed around 350 Life Science projects, successfully funding 36. Currently, he chairs the Supervisory Board of RITS Professional Services, a tech company born from a startup, and Farada Group LLC, a rapidly developing startup.

Paweł Straszyński

Member of the Supervisory Board of RITS Professional Services

He has nearly 30 years of professional experience in consulting, business development, management and corporate supervision, gained, among others, in Coopers&Lybrand, PwC, Trio Management and companies of the Relyonart Fund group. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology - M.Sc. engineer Power engineering, MSc in Business program at London Business School, HEC Paris & NHH Bergen and ACCA.

Małgorzata Bielawska

Member of the Supervisory Board of RITS Professional Services

Małgorzata is an HR Consultant and HR Head with over 20 years of experience, particularly in the financial and technology sectors. She co-founded Relyon Recruitment and RITS Professional Services, focusing on managerial competencies and business development. A University of Warsaw alumna, she's a certified ICC Coach and a Batorego Foundation Fellow, known for her client-centered approach and professional expertise.

Łukasz Kośnik

CEO, Managing Partner RITS Professional Services and RITS US Corp.

Łukasz has been serving as the President of RITS Professional Services since 2013. He is an alumnus of the University of Warsaw and has pursued postgraduate studies at Dublin Business School. He is skilled in developing new business strategies and building effective IT teams. His leadership has been pivotal in enhancing the company's standing, particularly through the establishment of the RITS Competence Center in Vietnam and collaborations with industry giants like DocuSign and UiPath.

Arkadiusz Seredyn

Vice President RITS Professional Services

With over 20 years of experience in digital transformation and technologies such as Cloud, AI, Data, and Marketing, Arkadiusz Seredyn brings a wealth of expertise to RITS. He has held senior positions in international organizations, including Chief Digital Officer at Orange and board member of SAS Institute, focusing on the Telco & Media sector. He has also served as Chief Commercial Officer at Synerise and founded Persooa, now part of the RITS portfolio. Additionally, Arkadiusz Seredyn advises on Streaming Analytics & AI solutions as Chief Strategy Officer at Stella Technology, a US-based AHG fund company.

Michał Jaremek

Member of the Board RITS Professional Services

With a decade of experience in managing IT companies, Michał has excelled in organizing business processes, particularly at RITS since 2018. His expertise lies in optimizing IT and management service quality, leading dispersed teams, and enhancing IT consultants' skills. Known for his meticulous process organization and commitment to service excellence, he combines a Master's in Computer Science with extensive project management knowledge, holding a postgraduate degree from the Warsaw School of Economics and numerous ITIL and Microsoft certifications.


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