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RITS on tour

Great Britain, the USA, the Netherlands and four top international events where innovators from the financial and technology sectors exchange experiences - this is where you will also meet RITS in the first half of 2023.

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New RITS office in Wrocław

On October 20, we officially opened the RITS office in the new location. After seven years of presence in Wrocław, the time has come for a change - our new address is Sagittarius Business House at Sucha Street 2.

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RITS at SoDA Conference 2022

On the second day at the SoDA Conference 2022 stage, you will meet Maria Janiszewska, Country Manager of RITS Professional Services, in a discussion on how to sell and fight for customers in times of crisis (new sales models).

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Why is the number 93 so important to RITS?

We know the results of the satisfaction survey of IT specialists cooperating with RITS Professional Services. How many of them would recommend working with us to their friends? What do they appreciate the most in cooperation with RITS?

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RITS in Clutch100

Despite the difficulties of the past year, we set ourselves the goal of delivering the highest possible level of service to our customers. This has not always been easy, but our team has made sure of it and the efforts have been duly rewarded.

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“Outsourcing of IT employees”

Employee outsourcing has been used around the world for many years. You can also hear about it more and more often in Poland. Why is it especially popular in the IT industry? What are its advantages? What types of employee outsourcing are worth knowing? Enjoy your reading.

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Regatta for the RITS Cup

t the turn of August and September, the Regatta for the RITS Cup took place in Ogonki in Masuria. There was an opportunity to sail, kayak, laugh at the stand-up, but most of all integrate after many months of remote work.

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Windows to Liberia

Liberia - a small country in the western part of Africa with a population of just over 4.5 million. It differs from European countries in many respects, including there are only two seasons: dry and rainy. Our employee, Radosław Szczęsny, will set off on a mission in July to help on the...

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Build confidence in uncertain times

The pandemic has reorganized the structures of many companies. It caused that organizations, which until recently could not imagine that there would be a shortage of stationary employees in the office, had to switch to a remote work model. These changes have also transformed many business processes . The lack of meetings ,...

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The first Exper Day is behind us!

Our IT specialists could use Tuesday afternoon for a solution with reverse technology in cryptocurrencies. The guest of the meeting was Piotr Misiurek, programmer, author of a blog about crypto and crypto millionaire. The conversation raised questions not only about the development and new records of Bitcoin value, but also answers to...

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RITS Graduate Program

The next edition of the graduate program is just starting in our company, to which we invite students of their last years of studies, they know languages such as English, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, French and Italian and want to start their professional career while still studying.

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We are entering on a higher level

In the new year, communication with IT specialists who cooperate with RITS has entered a new level! In January, the Specialist Portal was launched, which is used for ongoing communication, publication of all necessary documents so far sent by e-mail, and above all for online replenishment of working time. This is a...

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Awaiting corrections

Are you struggling with the problem of third-line technical support of the ERP system that is on board your company? The costs are horrendous, the waiting time for a response is very long, and the fixes do not meet expectations ... Although it may seem that only an ERP supplier can provide...

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RITS integration meeting with Mirosław Hermaszewski

This year, RITS has set itself an ambitious goal! Despite the limitations in movement, and basically for this reason, we decided to integrate all people professionally connected with our company during the pre-Christmas meeting, which will be held online on the Meetinga Platform.

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How to implement robots in the company?

RITS once again shares its experiences during the online practitioners meeting, organized by TRIO CONFERENCES. This time with the technological partner UiPath, in the extremely important topic - robotization of processes! Robotization is no longer an investment of the future - those who robotize here and now win.

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Polish Programmers worth their weight in gold

Polish programmers have been appreciated by companies around the world for years. The high competences of IT specialists from the Vistula River are evident by the number of specialized IT - shared - service centers established in Poland. Of the 1.5 thousand Polish and foreign centers of the business services sector, nearly...

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Staff Augmentation, Managed Services, Team Leasing

More and more companies around the world are changing and reorganizing their structures. It is influenced not only by the global pandemic, but most of all by process optimization by outsourcing tasks and projects to external suppliers. A few years ago, experts forecasted that the IT outsourcing market in the Managed Service...

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September 26, European Day of Languages

語言, language, sprache, язык, idiom is the word "language" in only a few languages, and around 6,000–7,000 are spoken around the world. Most of them are in a literal form and are treated as unique, endangered good of a given region. Why? Because experts agree that by 2100, more than half of...

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RITS was a partner of the meeting of practitioners​

We are pleased to announce that RITS has become a partner of the meeting of practitioners, organized by TRIO CONFERENCES. Our experts, Dawid Sztyk and Paweł Olejniczak, shared with the participants many years of experience in employing IT specialists and teams.

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I don’t keep a calendar, only I understand my notes

A brilliant idea, a breakthrough solution, an innovative concept - all this means that our horizons widen, our wings grow, and our ambitions race with the ego. However, here we have to slow down for a moment, because the path between the idea and the implementation is not so easy, as there...

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Freelancer vs Software house: who is a better contractor?

A brilliant idea, a breakthrough solution, an innovative concept - all this means that our horizons widen, our wings grow, and our ambitions race with the ego. However, here we have to slow down for a moment, because the path between the idea and the implementation is not so easy, as there...

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