After the webinar on hiring IT specialists, together with TRIO CONFERENCES, we prepared another free expert meeting, this time devoted to hiring IT specialists from Poland to companies from other countries

This year, RITS has set itself an ambitious goal! Despite the limitations in movement, and basically for this reason, we decided to integrate all people professionally connected with our company during the pre-Christmas meeting, which will be held online on the Meetinga Platform.

Anyone who thinks that cooperation with IT specialists in the case of companies that connect business people with specific IT competences with the needs of clients is only about providing a candidate that meets the company's expectations is wrong.

RITS once again shares its experiences during the online practitioners meeting, organized by TRIO CONFERENCES. This time with the technological partner UiPath, in the extremely important topic - robotization of processes! Robotization is no longer an investment of the future - those who robotize here and now win.

Polish programmers have been appreciated by companies around the world for years. The high competences of IT specialists from the Vistula River are evident by the number of specialized IT - shared - service centers established in Poland. Of the 1.5 thousand Polish and foreign centers of the business services sector, nearly half are IT centers (46.5%).

More and more companies around the world are changing and reorganizing their structures. It is influenced not only by the global pandemic, but most of all by process optimization by outsourcing tasks and projects to external suppliers. A few years ago, experts forecasted that the IT outsourcing market in the Managed Service model in 2020 will reach a global level of 230 billion dollars in 2020. Today we know that the forecasts are different. By 2025, the market for this type of services will increase by up to 48%, exceeding its value of $ 329 billion. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing? What benefits can our company achieve by using outsourcing? Why not everything should be implemented in the Managed Service model and what cooperation model will be the best for us? These questions are answered in the article below.

A brilliant idea, a breakthrough solution, an innovative concept - all this means that our horizons widen, our wings grow, and our ambitions race with the ego. However, here we have to slow down for a moment, because the path between the idea and the implementation is not so easy, as there are many difficult choices waiting for us.

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