Software development and maintainence with RITS

Do you have these problems?

Business is alive, software must
follow it

Just a small change in the law makes it necessary to introduce changes to the software code or even reports.

High software development

Software maintenance and development costs often exceed its purchase value.

of changes lasts too long

The lack of specialists combined with large needs mean that IT projects stretch over time.

Start working with RITS and reduce your company's software development and maintainence costs by up to 50%!

Working with Rits is:


We will take care of your software development even after the expiry of Vendor-Independent III Line Supported Products

SAVINGS of up to 50%

Invest your saved money in software development


Professionally managed projects in the Sprint methodology


We won't tell you "this is not covered by the contract". We always offer a comprehensive solution.

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Hanoi, Vietnam

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