Arkadiusz Seredyn joins RITS Professional Services Board and will lead the emerging capital group

RITS Professional Services is proud to announce that Arkadiusz Seredyn has joined the company as Vice President, effective May 1, and will lead the emerging capital group. Arkadiusz Seredyn will oversee the commercial area of core RITS services and spearhead the development of RITS's offerings in digital transformation, marketing technology, cloud, and artificial intelligence.

In his new role, Arkadiusz Seredyn will manage the RITS martech ecosystem, which currently includes Persooa, a marketing and sales automation company; Content Compass, specializing in ecommerce content; and Movertica, leveraging AI and machine learning for business growth. The companies operate under the umbrella of an emerging capital group. This group will gain opportunities to scale, optimize and maximize synergies with RITS, including through further acquisitions. As a result, RITS will strengthen its market position and fully utilize the potential of its resources and competencies, creating innovative and comprehensive solutions for an even wider range of business partners.

The RITS Group is the heart of our investment ecosystem, made up of five large funds operating in the ICT, deeptech, medical and aviation sectors, with a total value exceeding PLN 250 million by the end of 2023. We are thrilled to welcome an experienced manager like Arkadiusz Seredyn to co-manage and drive our continued innovation and growth – stated Adam M. Cudny, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RITS Group.

Adam M. Cudny

With over 20 years of experience in digital transformation and technologies such as Cloud, AI, Data, and Marketing, Arkadiusz Seredyn brings a wealth of expertise to RITS. He has held senior positions in international organizations, including Chief Digital Officer at Orange and board member of SAS Institute, focusing on the Telco & Media sector. He has also served as Chief Commercial Officer at Synerise and founded Persooa, now part of the RITS portfolio. Additionally, Arkadiusz Seredyn advises on Streaming Analytics & AI solutions as Chief Strategy Officer at Stella Technology, a US-based AHG fund company.

Arkadiusz Seredyn’s addition is a pivotal step in our strategic transformation. His expertise will help us expand our IT services and digital transformation solutions for global partners in the US and Europe, aligning with the latest technology trends in AI, Marketing Automation, and Cloud – said Lukasz Kosnik, CEO, Managing Partner of RITS Professional Services and RITS US CORP.

Business partners of RITS Professional Services can expect significant benefits from the expanded digital marketing ecosystem.

Consolidation allows us to create comprehensive, cost-optimized solutions that address multiple needs in one place. By leveraging the diverse competencies of our companies, we can deliver top-quality services and an integrated ecosystem that meets the evolving demands of our clientssaid Arkadiusz Seredyn, Vice President of RITS Professional Services.

Warsaw, May 21, 2024 RITS PRESS OFFICE

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