New brand RITS US Corp.

RITS Professional Services is consistently expanding its presence in international markets. The dynamic development of cooperation with more foreign companies has made us reach for more. We have just registered RITS US Corp. which will be a remedy for the technological needs of American companies.

– We have been working with US companies for several years. More organizations are joining our existing clients, and the potential of the US market for the services we offer is growing every year. Our knowledge and experience in understanding the technological needs of U.S. companies is already solidly in place, and this puts us in an excellent position to meet the expectations of new clients. We have just registered RITS US Corp. and I claim that with our services we carry a remedy for companies that have needs in the area of technology – says Łukasz Kośnik, CEO of RITS US Corp. 

The goals of digital transformation have long been clear – businesses build competitive advantage, improve customer experience and reduce costs through continuous large-scale technology deployment. The choice of technologies with such intense development, as well as finding competent and agile teams to implement them, are more difficult issues. 

– Developing software, mobile applications or technology platforms, data migrations, supporting our clients’ IT teams with skills in project management or programming itself, these are the tasks and roles to which we direct our next IT professionals every day. Behind us, counted in the hundreds, we have completed and executed a wide variety of IT projects for global and local brands. What are their results? Our business partners increase their operational efficiency, better serve their customers, have the ability to make data-driven decisions, and their competitiveness in the market increases – adds Paweł Olejniczak, Board Member, VP Sales RITS Professional Services

Providing the expertise, technology, scalability and flexibility needed to drive successful transformation initiatives, RITS Professional Services has been an excellent partner to companies undergoing digital transformation for years. RITS US Corp. will strengthen this position in yet another foreign market. 

– Working with clients in a wide range of industries – financial, banking, manufacturing, medical, media, ecommerce and many, many more – has taught us to very quickly identify, review and respond to their technological needs and construct teams perfectly matched in terms of experience, skills or assumed costs. Constant access to a huge IT talent base and digital proficiency is the key to the survival and growth of businesses. We have it, and we are eager to use it to open the door to the path of digital transformation for more partners – emphasizes Michał Jaremek, Board Member, Director of the Professional Services Department RITS Professional Services.

– According to Gartner’s current forecast, global IT spending will grow by 5.5 percent in 2023, and this is mainly due to increased demand from businesses to develop IT software and services. Companies around the world are looking for ways to increase productivity and automation. The United States, meanwhile, is considered home to the world’s most innovative companies, which are creating the vision and increasing the pace of digital transformation for the rest of the globe. I’m pleased that this home includes RITS US Corp. – adds Damiene J Humphrey, who has assumed the position of VP of Business Development United States RITS US Corp.

Warsaw, October 23, 2023 RITS PRESS OFFICE

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