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What's the secret of cooperation with IT Specialists at RITS

Professional Services department from the inside out

Anyone who thinks that cooperation with IT specialists in the case of companies that connect business people with specific IT competences with the needs of clients is only about providing a candidate that meets the company’s expectations is wrong. Today, you can expect much more from an outsourcer – comprehensive care over the entire period of cooperation with a specialist and a flexible and professional response to the needs of both parties at various stages of the project implementation. This is the idea behind RITS, in which consultants from the Professional Services department supervise each contract, constantly listening to the needs of specialists and looking for optimal solutions to facilitate mutual cooperation. How does it work in practice?

The Professional Services department started operating in RITS two years ago and completely redefined the position of an IT specialist both in the company and in the relationship with the client. From the object of rent, as is the case on the market, it has become a key element of the contract for us. Taking care of specialists and developing a comprehensive system of cooperation with specialists has become the main assumption of the RITS business.

– We offer our specialists much more than the market – declares Anna Romaniuk, leader of the Professional Services team. – We do not hire specialists for projects, but we have created an entire ecosystem for them, within which we provide them with continuity of work, a system of non-standard benefits on the market and an opportunity for continuous development through professional feedback. All this under the watchful eye of consultants who act as the specialist’s personal tutors.

– Our main task is to meet all the needs of specialists – says Karolina Kowalska, who is one of such consultants. – So that they cooperate with us for a long time and with satisfaction – without unnecessary rotation, which is the problem of many of our competitors.

Continuity of work for specialists is especially important. When a RITS client decides to reduce the workforce, for a specialist it does not have to mean losing the order. The tutor himself looks for a new project for him on the market or within the company. RITS has its own software house at its disposal, so the order may be placed within the company’s structures. It is a big value.

– A good employee is not only a person who feels good in the workplace, but has all the competences to use his potential to the fullest – states Aneta Soboń, consultant in the Professional Services department. Its department organizes various types of training that enable specialists to develop, e.g. as a teacher or verifier of technical skills during the recruitment process of future specialists. Obviously, raising qualifications is associated with a chance for additional remuneration.

– The PS department (shortcut from Professional Services) also deals with agreeing all formal issues that create conditions for trouble-free cooperation – adds Anna Cegłowska, consultant in the PS department. – The guardian organizes, for example, all formalities related to the use of benefits offered to its specialists (see: Benefits in RITS) to simplify their use to a minimum.


– Support of a consultant from the Professional Services department throughout the period of cooperation, who:

  • verifies the competence of a specialist,

  • introduces a specialist to a new project,

  • takes care of the specialist’s development path,

  • responds to the needs of a specialist,

  • tests satisfaction in work on a given project,

  • gives current and professional feedback on own competences

  • continuity of cooperation – RITS has its own Software House

– Benefit package (see: Benefits at RITS)

– Cooperation with a dynamically developing company with a wide range of services

Among the benefits, specialists today find not only medical care or a sports package, but also professional accounting services and insurance against loss of income, which is particularly important in the case of order fulfillment.

Another activity of the PS department is also important – providing valuable feedback from the client with whom the project is implemented.

– Thanks to the feedback, each specialist knows on an ongoing basis how his work is assessed and has a chance to have a real impact on the quality of the contract – says Łukasz Jaworski, who also looks after specialists in the PS department as a consultant. – All this meant that the specialist’s lifetime on the project was significantly extended and the turnover on projects decreased, and clients gained stable teams. – We feel that the services we provide to clients are of the highest quality – says Michał Jaremek, member of the RITS board. – Thanks to this assumption, the business basically builds itself, as a side effect of our main assumption – he adds and admits that today RITS has the transformation of the entire organization and the evolution of body leasing services on the horizon. Instead of providing the client with a basic rental service for 20-50 people (which generates a lot of settlements and formalities), he wants to provide them with a new service for managing the entire process, which gives the client a ready-made solution. The entire candidate service is then on the side of RITS. The customer receives the finished product.


  • the possibility of using, on preferential terms, dedicated accounting services at Alfa Intelligence
  • the possibility of insurance against loss of income – Lloyds
  • medical care at LuxMed
  • OK System sports packages

Today I can say that the PS department initiated a change in the structure of the entire company – admits Michał Jaremek. – The introduction of new processes, procedures and standards really changed the entire organization – we unified the scopes of duties, systematized the work, arranged the structure of the organization … Although we took many people out of the comfort zone, they developed a lot. Today, PS integrates all departments in the company and has become a substantive base for them. It was a big change – the evolution of the entire organization. Establishing the Professional Services department was a very good decision!

Warsaw, November 19, 2020, RITS Press Office


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