Our IT Specialists Are Developing a Web Application for a Client in the Media Industry

Since 2022, we have been transforming our media client's digital ideas into reality by instantly responding to their need for qualified IT specialists. Choosing from an extensive database of suitable IT professionals is facilitated by a close-knit team of recruiters who know their resources as well as the client's reported project needs, perfectly matching them with the budgets they set.

Client overview

Our client is a media and digital services company. In addition to the news services, its products include information related to lifestyle, career and business development. The company is also actively developing tools and solutions that make it easier to buy digital advertising; for example, in the areas of targeted online advertising, user traffic measurement for web and mobile services, and analytics. Its portfolio also includes marketplaces serving the commercial real estate market, among others. Its service coverage includes the Scandinavian countries, the Baltics and Central Europe.

Services provided

Our partnership began in 2022 and consists of providing IT specialists to support the client in IT development initiatives.

Projects purpose

Our team of specialists is directed to the continuous development of a web application for real estate trading (selling, buying, renting or exchanging). In addition, they also participate in introducing changes to the existing product offered by the client to real estate contractors.

Project Team

Our cooperation includes a team of versatile professionals in various roles and specializing in different technologies, including:

  • Architects (Node JS)
  • Developers (Node JS, Java, React)
  • Testers (Java)


Recruitment process

The recruitment process takes 2 to 3 weeks, as we ensure that our specialists are properly matched to our client’s specific needs. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have provided a total of 10 specialists to strengthen the client’s rapid digital product development capabilities.


Media is increasingly becoming a service. Print magazine publishers are transforming into digital service providers. This transformation provides companies not only with the opportunity to adapt to current reader trends, but also to develop their offerings with completely new solutions. Our client has been rapidly adapting to these changes and has been working hard and putting them into practice for many years, expanding into many European markets. Thanks to our cooperation and providing the client with the IT professionals necessary for this development, it can focus on creating high-quality content, as it has the necessary specialists in the area of technology at its disposal through outsourced services.

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