Global Marketing Transformation Supported by Our IT Professionals

In today's digital landscape of the marketing industry, it is virtually impossible to stay on top of agencies without the right technology. Our client, a global advertising holding company, understands this better than most. It does not hesitate to take on more projects by supporting its staff with experienced IT experts provided by RITS Professional Services. The perfect matching of specialists by our recruiters in terms of technical and soft skills, makes them an integral part of the client's ecosystem, and this in turn – enables fast and seamless realization of ambitious projects.

Client overview

Our client is the world’s largest advertising holding company and a global leader in marketing, communications, digital transformation, driven by data, technology and creativity to create personalized consumer experiences with brands on a massive scale. In Poland alone, our client will employ nearly 1,800 employees.

Services provided

In 2021 and 2022, we provided IT programming services to our client, strengthening the capacity of their projects.

Projects purpose

Our IT specialists have played a key role in executing advertising campaigns for various brands, including a global apparel giant from Sweden and an ambitious autonomous city project in Saudi Arabia. These projects were designed to push the boundaries of creative marketing and technology, delivering impactful consumer experiences.

Project Team

Our collaborative effort involved a diverse team of skilled professionals:

  • FrontEnd Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Big Data Experts
  • QA Leads
  • Fullstack Developers
  • DevOps Engineers

Each member of the team contributed unique talents and technical skills to ensure the successful execution of the projects.


Recruitment process

The recruitment process for the client is a proof of our efficiency – the shortest took 5 days and the longest took just 14 days. During the collaboration, we deployed a total of 65 specialists, reinforcing our commitment to the client’s projects and initiatives. All specialists became an integral part of the client’s project ecosystem.


Our partnership with a global marketing and technology agency demonstrates our proficiency in providing skilled IT professionals for complex digital transformation projects. The speed of our hiring process, the versatility of our team composition, and our deep commitment underscore our dedication to delivering significant value to clients. As clients continue to redefine the marketing and technology space, our ongoing support ensures that their visionary initiatives are realized on a global scale.

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