Smart Manufacturing Powered by the Experience of IT Professionals from RITS

Industrial automation is the foundation of Industry 4.0. The right solutions support entrepreneurs in the process of digital transformation of plants, helping them increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce production costs. We are well aware of this, as perfectly proved by our seven-year ongoing partnership in providing IT professionals for a variety of digital projects for a global leader in automation systems manufacturing.

Client overview

Our client is the Polish branch of the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial automation systems with a presence in over 100 countries around the world and headquarters in the US. It is focused on helping the other world’s manufacturers be more productive, sustainable, and agile. It firmly believes that well-managed data and modern, digitized processes can revolutionize its customers’ businesses.

Services provided

In 2017, our client approached us with a need for IT specialists, which we supply on a continuous basis as part of our body leasing service.

Projects purpose

RITS IT professionals are involved in programming drivers for specific products and client applications. They create functionalities for applications related to motor control. They also take care of upgrading WAN and LAN networks.

Project Team

Our partnership includes providing skilled IT professionals working in Kanban, Scrum and Agile methodologies (depending on the ongoing project), each of whom brings unique skills to projects on a continuous basis. Previous roles and technologies covered that our specialists have secured for the client are:

  • Senior Engineers (C++, C#, GitLab, Jira, Jenkins, VMware, Pytest)
  • Senior Embedded Engineers (C++, Python)
  • Software Testers (GitLab, Jira, Jenkins, VMware, Pytest),
  • C/C++ Developers (C++ (11-17), Python, Unit tests, Integration tests, GTest, CppUnit, CI/CD, Jenkins, GitLab, Gerrit, Git, SVN)
  • QA Developers (C#, TDD/BDD)

Recruitment process

For our client, we have become a trusted source of outsourcing services, through which he augments his teams with the IT specialists he needs at any time. To date, the client has benefited from the experience of 16 of our specialists, and most of them have been working with the client for 7 years.


Modern digital processes inevitably go hand in hand with smart manufacturing. Faster and more accurate business decisions based on data and its analysis, not only in the manufacturing industry, represent a tangible benefit in the form of lower costs while maintaining the highest quality products. Providing business partners in the manufacturing sector with support in the form of experienced IT professionals who work with state-of-the-art technologies and are aligned with the client’s organizational culture is a priority for RITS Professional Services. And all of this – just-in-time.

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Smart Manufacturing Powered by the Experience of IT Professionals from RITS

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