More Than 1,100 IT Professionals for an Airline and Travel Industry Technology Provider

More than 1,100 IT professionals, as part of our staff augmentation service, have been placed in projects by a global technology provider for the aviation and travel sectors over an eight-year period. The cost-effectiveness and time saved on recruitment, which, together with the perfectly matched in terms of technical competence personnel, we provide to our business partner, is regularly recognized in the ranking of suppliers, where we consistently take top positions.

Client overview

Our client is a leading technology provider to the airline and travel industry. It develops applications to facilitate the management of airline companies, hotels and carsharing companies, as well as optimization of airplane seats, crisis management, travel routing. The applications have the function of storing data while protecting customer data through authorization and authentication. The solutions provided by our client (software, mobile-accessible systems or reservation systems), are used by hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels to manage key operations, including passenger and guest reservation management, revenue management, flight, network and crew management.

Services provided

Since 2015, we have been providing our client with selected IT professionals as part of our staff augmentation service.

Projects purpose

Our IT specialists adapted to the diverse needs of our client, carrying out a variety of projects. Among them were development projects, in which they worked on creating and adding new features to existing applications or systems, migrations to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and maintenance projects to ensure the stability and reliability of existing systems.

Project Team

Our partnership included skilled IT professionals at all levels of experience (junior, mid, senior), each of whom brought unique skills to the projects. Roles and technologies included:

  • Fullstack Developers (Java, Spring, SpringBoot, JS, TS, React, Redux, GCP or JavaScript, React+PHP, or JS, TS, Node,React)
  • Java Developers (Java, Spring, Hibernate, REST API, Microservises, Maven/Gradle, Docker, Jenkins, GCP) sometimes they need Java+DevOps
  • Frontend Developers (JS, TS, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, GCP).
  • QA Engineers (Java, Selenium, REST Assured, Bitbucket, Tomcat, GCP, Docker)
  • C++ Developers (C++ 17, STL, Boost, Linux)
  • DevOps Engineers (Java or Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, Jenkins, Ansible, GCP)
  • Technical Project Managers (Product Management, Data and Analytics, ETL/ELT processing, SQL, Cloud)


Depending on the nature of a particular project and its specific requirements, our IT specialists played different roles and applied their unique skills. The Backend area was dominated by experts in Java technology, including both developers and quality assurance (QA) specialists. C++ was another technology used by our specialists. In the Frontend area, specialists worked with tools such as React and Angular. DevOps specialists dealt with automating software deployment processes and managing IT infrastructure.

In addition, some of our IT specialists held key leadership roles in projects. TPM specialists were responsible for technical project management, which included planning, controlling the schedule and communicating with stakeholders. Those in Lead roles were team leaders, overseeing the work of other specialists and coordinating overall projects.

Recruitment process

The relationship built with our client during the past 8 years, has consistently been at a very high level. Depending on the specification of requirements for IT specialists, the recruitment process takes us 1.5-2 weeks or longer. Since 2015, we have referred nearly 1,200 of our IT specialists to the client, of which more than 110 have been hired long-term. To ensure effective project management, iteration planning and progress monitoring, our specialists have used methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. Our client evaluates all of its suppliers quarterly, and we can boast about the fact that we are usually ranked first.


Airlines and the travel industry are constantly adapting to the expectations of travellers, introducing new technologies and services that make travelling easier and improve the travel experience. Our long-standing partnership with a leading global provider of such technologies, the vast number of IT professionals we have provided, and our consistently high ranking among suppliers, are a confirmation of our excellent adaptation to our client’s needs and standards.

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