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Regatta for the RITS Cup

There was an opportunity to sail, kayak, laugh at the stand-up, but most of all integrate after many months of remote work. At the turn of August and September, the Regatta for the RITS Cup was held in Ogonki in Masuria, which was won by all those who participated in them. For many of us, it was the first chance to see each other in real life.

This year’s integration meeting started with a regatta. Four teams took part in the competition, trained by the Polish catamaran champion, Jacek Turczynowicz, who is a certified instructor and trainer. The winners were: Natalia Wasiak, Aleksandra Rosikiewicz, Monika Sawicka, who recruit specialists from Business Unit 2 on a daily basis under the leadership of Ewa Lacombe. Although the fierce fight lasted until the last second, no one was in a good mood. Even those who had the opportunity to sail for the first time in their lives … There are those among us who will remember this first time on sails for many years;) Including our master…

There was also a lot of excitement on the kayaks. It was ambitious! From Lake Stręgiel we sailed Sapina to Lake Święcajty, and because our team included kayak pirates who could disrupt each course, it was impossible to get bored – especially when we were kayaking our companion, the right side was wrong with the left side. We did what we could – that is, at the highest level.

The term “body leasing” gained a completely new meaning for us during this trip… And all thanks to the performance of the stand-up artist Darek Gadowski, who presented his bonus material during the evening. The watchword: How to do well in an industry that has not been overwhelmed by the pandemic!

I would like to thank you for your presence and involvement in the integration event. It is very important for us that in such a large company, during remote work, we create opportunities for employees from different locations to meet and get to know the Masurian lake better while having fun together. sailing, were a great opportunity to strengthen ties and trust in teams and the entire company, at the same time giving the opportunity to meet people who so far only knew each other from e-mails and conversations on Teamsach. Paweł Olejniczak, VP Sales

We invite you to the photo report from our trip and we are already waiting for the next company meeting.

Warsaw, September 10, 2021 RITS PRESS OFFICE


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Regatta for the RITS Cup

t the turn of August and September, the Regatta for the RITS Cup took place in Ogonki in Masuria. There was an opportunity to sail, kayak, laugh at the stand-up,...

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