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Why are Managed Services a strategic imperative for business performance and innovation?

In the dynamic realm of IT outsourcing, the traditional model of Staff Augmentation, where companies supplement their in-house teams with external hires, is being reevaluated. Businesses are increasingly turning to Managed Services as a superior strategy that offers more than just additional manpower.

Managed Services represent a holistic approach to IT management, enabling organizations to not only enhance their operational capabilities but also to leverage technology as a strategic asset. 

Comprehensive overview of Managed Services 

Managed Services entail a comprehensive transfer of IT function management to a service provider. This approach covers a wide array of services, including but not limited to infrastructure management, application support, IT support, and cybersecurity. This model allows businesses to concentrate on their core competencies, confident in the knowledge that their IT operations are in expert hands. The foundation of this model is a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which specifies the expected service quality, establishing a strategic, trust-based partnership that integrates deeply with client business processes. Managed Services are typically offered on a subscription basis, providing clear, predictable budgeting advantages. 

Krzysztof Kantor, Head of IT Delivery at RITS Professional Services, highlights the shift towards Managed Services as crucial for companies aiming to maintain competitiveness and adapt to rapid technological advancements.

– Adopting Managed Services is not merely a tactical decision but a strategic move that enhances operational efficiency and drives business innovation. The decline in traditional staff augmentation markets underscores the urgency for outsourcing companies to evolve towards offering more integrated, value-added services – says Krzysztof Kantor.

Strategic advantages and operational excellence 

Managed Services enable a proactive management style, contrasting sharply with the reactive nature of Staff Augmentation. This approach gives the service provider a comprehensive view of the client’s IT landscape, allowing for early identification and mitigation of risks, leading to better project outcomes. Notably, the Managed Services model brings significant risk management and cost optimization benefits. It obviates the need for the client to bear ancillary costs related to personnel management, project administration, and technology training, offering a scalable solution that can adapt to fluctuating IT demands.

– By embracing Managed Services, companies can reallocate resources from day-to-day IT tasks to focus on strategic growth initiatives, effectively turning IT from a cost center into a source of innovation – says Krzysztof Kantor. 

One of the most compelling advantages of Managed Services is the improvement in knowledge retention within client organizations. Unlike in Staff Augmentation, where departing personnel can lead to a drain of institutional knowledge, Managed Services ensure that expertise and operational best practices are retained within the team, enhancing long-term operational efficiency. 

RITS case study: revolutionizing a banking institution’s digital platform 

RITS Professional Services’ engagement with a prominent banking institution, tasked with developing a sophisticated digital platform for over 6,000 employees, exemplifies the Managed Services model’s efficacy. Initially envisioned as a project-based endeavor, the complexity and evolving nature of the project necessitated a shift towards Managed Services. This strategic pivot enabled a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective project execution, accommodating ongoing changes in project scope and technology seamlessly. 
In our engagement with a leading banking institution tasked with developing a comprehensive digital platform for over 6,000 employees, we initially adopted a project-based model. However, a detailed three-week discovery phase, involving in-depth analysis by an architect and a business analyst, revealed the project’s vast scope and complexity. This platform required a flexible approach due to its nature and the continuous emergence of new requirements. 

Recognizing the limitations of a traditional project model in accommodating the changing requirements and expanding project scope, we, alongside our client, decided to pivot to a Managed Services model. This strategic shift was not only a change in execution methodology but a redefinition of our partnership, emphasizing adaptability, continuous improvement, and long-term collaboration. 

Under this model, we formed a dedicated team that seamlessly integrated with the client’s operations, working closely for nearly two years. Through regular monthly updates, we provided transparency and fostered a dynamic environment where feedback and iterative development were encouraged. This approach proved instrumental in addressing technological shifts and expanding project requirements efficiently, ensuring the platform’s development remained aligned with the bank’s strategic objectives. 

RITS: pioneering Managed Services for future-ready businesses 

At RITS Professional Services, we excel in the delivery of Managed Services, drawing on experience and a deep pool of expertise. Our approach is characterized by agility, innovation, and a relentless focus on delivering excellence. We understand that businesses value flexibility, particularly when project scopes are uncertain. Our Managed Services model is designed to minimize risk for our clients while unlocking significant cost efficiencies and operational advantages. 

Our commitment to leveraging advanced methodologies and fostering a culture of continuous improvement positions RITS as a leader in Managed Services. We are dedicated to creating tailor-made solutions that align with our clients’ unique business challenges and strategic goals, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape. 

Engage with RITS for strategic Managed Services solutions 

Managed Services are more than just a method for outsourcing IT functions; they are a strategic partnership that empowers businesses to leverage technology for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. RITS Professional Services stands at the forefront of this transformation, ready to collaborate with companies looking to harness the full potential of Managed Services. 

If your business is seeking a partner to navigate the complexities of IT management while focusing on strategic growth, RITS Professional Services offers the expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence you need. Contact us to explore how our Managed Services can be tailored to your business needs, ensuring you remain at the cutting edge of your industry. 

  Warsaw, February 22, 2024 RITS PRESS OFFICE


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